how to make a clear phone case clear again

4/10/2018 · You can paint the outside of your case, or even the back of your phone, but you will need to seal it with clear top coat. Let the nail polish dry for at least 1 to 2 hours. Do not use gel polish. ... More

how to make thai curry

1/03/2006 · I used Thai green curry paste, dried lemon grass & creamed coconut as alternatives & this was superb. Will definitely make this again. So tasty and creamy. … ... More

how to make a pop pop boat dailymotion

Popsicle Stick Boat Popsicle Stick Crafts For Kids Craft Stick Crafts Diy Crafts Bible Crafts Pirate Ship Craft Diy Boat Make A Boat Pop Stick. The Popsicle Stick Boat. Craft Stick Boats & Floats . What others are saying "This is a very unique project that I did for school. For our Social Studies final project, we had to look up explorers and do a pr."" get 100 popsicle ... More

how to make cheese dip out of shredded cheese

A savory beer cheese dip combining the flavors of sharp cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses and infused with the crisp essence of a strong ale. Kim and I used to ... More

how to make a bud

Making Cannabis Butter or Cannabis Oil. After letting the mixture simmer for a while, the cannabis butter or oil should be completely infused. Then, you’ll want to … ... More

how to make dinner rolls in bread machine

Method. Use your bread machine or a suitable mixer to mix ingredients and knead the dough, or alternatively knead by hand. Separate mixed dough into units of 50 g for dinner rolls or up to 200 g for large rolls. ... More

how to make atkins pizza crust

Low Carb Pizza Crust Recipe that is by far the best pizza crust ever with just 3-Ingredients needed. This Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza Crust will go down in history as a family favorite. ... More

how to make your guy friend fall for you

15/02/2017 · I have known my guy best friend since my junior year of high school. We had a little fling which ended our friendship for a few months but now in college we got over it and became really close. We are always together and we flirt a lot but none of us further the flirtation or say anything. My girl best friends think he is interested ... More

how to make my smile better

Here are my four tips in deciding how to enhance your smile (or "turn a frown upside down :)) Begin with a comprehensive evaluation with a cosmetic dentist who will also take diagnostic photos and models of your ... More

how to make adorable baby animal dolls book

There are several different ways to make these adorable wallets depending on the material you use. The stiff felt wallets are the easiest and quickest because there is very little sewing. The material wallets take a little longer and require a little more sewing, but there you have a … ... More

how to make a laptop look new

To expand on Quora User's and Quora User's answers, I'd like to add some observations I made in Hackerspaces and similar places: It's typically a macbook or a thinkpad. ... More

how to put together a car phone mobile holder

In all Australian States and Territories drivers are required to have their mobile phone completely hands-free or mounted in a dock or cradle affixed to the car if they want to talk on the phone … ... More

how to prepare banana squash

Best Banana Squash Recipes - The Daily Meal. Gold, red, and purple bites of root vegetable goodness. If you cannot find such petite potatoes, use the smallest gold, blue, and red potatoes you can find and cut them into halves or quarters to make them bite size. ... More

how to make a bacon butty

Give the beloved bacon butty a Moroccan kick with this simple, piquant breakfast delight By Lesley Waters 1. Fry or grill the streaky or back bacon until crisp. 2. Meanwhile in a bowl mix together the harissa paste with the tomato ketchup, or add harissa to taste. … ... More

how to make chopped tomatoes

Imagine being able to make your own spaghetti sauce or chili with diced tomatoes that you have frozen. Not only will they taste better, you will save money in the process. Not only will they taste better, you will save money in the process. ... More

how to play family feud board game australia

One of the most popular game show board games is back with a 2nd edition! It is full of all new "survey says" questions from the hit television show. Download the Family Feud Buzzer App and play along! ... More

how to make pom poms that dont fall apart

... More

how to say welcome in maori

Ok, so the thing is that when Europeans came to NZ, the Maori didn't actually have words in te reo for lots of English words. So 'Maorified' versions of English words were developed, these are usually words mad using Maori language rules that sound similar to the English word, for example car, or 'motor car' became 'motoka' (with a long 'a'). ... More

how to open terminal codeanywhere

Online Linux Terminal or emulator is the best way to practice or learn Linux commands without having a full-fledged Linux subsystem. There are no of online Linux Terminals and bash scripts available in the market which let you run various shells, scripts, and commands to test or analyze the results. ... More

how to put a dog to sleep humanely

I had to put my beloved dog to sleep 2 months ago and it cost $ 65 and it was a Lab. $ 65 may seem like a bunch to you but ask for a payment plan. Borrow the money from family. Charge it! Borrow the money from family. ... More

how to make a rebuttal speech

Definition of Rebuttal. Strictly interpreted, rebuttal refers to an attempt to disapprove, contradict, or argue to overcome an opposing reasoning or evidence, by introducing another reasoning and evidence to destroy the effect of the previous one. ... More

how to make a birthday cake in the sims 2

17/06/2007 To plan a birthday party, have one of your sims go to the phone. Click on the Throw A Party option. If a sim is within 2 days of a birthday, the Throw A Birthday Party option should be there. ... More

how to make a pocket out of construction paper

To make the snail wind a pipe cleaner around the top of a paper clip so that part of it sticks out from the clip forming the head of the snail. Cut the shell shape from craft foam and glue it to the body. ... More

how to make a sioux teepee model

Sioux tipi pattern presented by Reginald and Gladys Laubin in their University Of Oklahoma Press book, THE INDIAN TIPI. Just to get it straight right in front, the Laubin book is the authoritive work on the Indian tipi and contains a wealth of information on the construction, tradition and lore of the tipi that you won’t find here or anywhere else. We’re going to give you detailed ... More

how to make chocolate machine at home

The easiest way to temper chocolate is with a home tempering machine, but those can cost about $300. While there are various other methods for tempering, the one many cooks prefer is to melt the chocolate in a double boiler, then spread part of the mixture on a marble slab until it cools somewhat, then slowly mix it back into the rest of the mixture, all the while keeping a close eye on the ... More

how to make rocket fuel with household items

It is far more dangerous to make/operate with than previously mentioned fuel, but still possible in household. For work these substances (and often generally for high powered rocketry) some countries might require permission and/or additional paperwork. ... More

how to make three leches cake

15/08/2014 · Have you tried the tres leches cake? This is one of my favorite cakes. It’s super moist, not too sweet and incredibly satisfying. We usually make it as a single layer sheet cake but I’ve had so many questions about turning this into a layered tres leches cake … ... More

how to say christmas in greek

Since then, the Greek Santa Claus is Agios Vassilis, and all Greeks, children and adults, expect him to come on New Years Eve and bring his gifts to the families, leaving them under the Christmas Tree. ... More

how to play a game of skate

Best game ever you can play as pro skaters and ride what they ride and you can play as your self and call them to skate with you pure awesomeness! This game is realistic and has lots of pros in it. Great selection to customize the way you look. ... More

how to say meat in french

2/03/2008 · Could someone please tell me how to say 'dead meat' in French? It is used as an expression such as "If you do, you'll be dead meat" or "then you will be dead meat" ... More

how to make a new bookmark folder in chrome

This will open a new tab listing all your bookmarks. Expand a folder of bookmarks, and select the bookmark you want to change the favicon for. Right-click the bookmark you want to change the favicon for, and from the context menu, select Change Favicon. ... More

how to make a paper palm tree ehow

Today S Fabulous Finds How To Make A Palm Tree Today S Fabulous Finds How To Make A Palm Tree How To Make Clay Christmas Tree Step By Step Diy Tutorial How To Make A Paper Palm Tree With Pictures Ehow Our 3 D Tree For My Forest Explorer Theme Took Forever To How To Make Christmas Ornaments With Air Dry Clay Holidappy posted by ... More

how to make a word autocorrect to something else computer

Automated "Boilerplate" Autotext and AutoCorrect in Microsoft Word The default name is the actual text, but something else may be a better name. In Word 2007 and later that dialog gives you options for where the AutoText is to be stored, again, in the normal template by default. You can tell Word to save the selection in a different Building Blocks Gallery and assign a category. You can ... More

how to say well in italian master of none

The guy who sings that song, Lucio Battisti, is one of the most well-known pop singers in Italy of the 60s, 70s and 80s, but he denied all licensing requests for his entire career. And really ... More

how to put a pencil in a compass

Using a pencil draw a circle around the outside of your circle maker. This circle is NOT actually going to form part of your tracker, but will just be guidance in case you need to reposition your circle maker back on the page later. Believe me, youll thank me for this. Also mark where the centre of the circle is. ... More

how to make your baby come out

It is strongly suggested that your children should pull out their own tooth, as they can best tell if the tooth is ready to come out. This can help reduce the amount of pain or blood that may result from having a tooth come out prematurely. ... More

how to make chicken tortellini with alfredo sauce

This 15 minute Alfredo sauce is the easiest pasta sauce (that doesnt come in a jar) you will ever make! Serve it with easy Pesto chicken, over tortellini and youll have the perfect meal in less than 30 minutes. ... More

how to make you high school years successful

Based on nationwide median earnings, if you drop out of high school, you make $520 per week. With a high school diploma, you make $712. So without any college education, a high school graduate makes $192 more per week than a dropout. ... More

how to put mcafee total protection on an iphone

We have an iPhone 7 plus with the email from McAfee, it gives me a link to the mobile protection site. If I want to download it to Windows, we’ll go to the mobile protection, it gives us an activation code, true key is the password system provided by Intel security. ... More

how to make protein drink have long shelf life

If youre not the DIY type, commercially produced or store-bought fermented foods will also have a long, preservative-free shelf life, so theyre a pretty good deal too, even with the higher price. And did we mention that fermented foods also add great taste, nutrition and healthy bulk to every meal so theres less need to buy or eat insulin-spiking, low-nutrient filler foods like ... More

how to run 2 functions from same button

In javascript, is it possible for asynchronous functions to run simultaneously? I get the impression that asynchronous functions can start running at any time. So, is it safe for two asynchronous callbacks to be changing the DOM at the same time? Or is that possible? 2 Answers. STAFF. Dave McFarland Treehouse Teacher Dave McFarland . Dave McFarland Treehouse Teacher July 12, 2014 3:36pm. … ... More

how to make icing with eggs and sugar

Method. STEP 1 Heat water and gelatine until dissolved. STEP 2 Gradually add icing sugar until mixture becomes thick and sticky, turn out onto board. ... More

how to make our face glow naturally

Wear one with SPF 30 daily to protect your skins tone and texture. Get your antioxidants. Look for a free-radical fighter, like vitamin C, or promising ones, like coffeeberry and idebenone, in your ... More

how to make greek coffee with milk

Put the coffee and sugar in the coffeepot (cezve: see the picture) and stir. Fill the Turkish coffee cup with milk, leaving some room at the top and add the milk to the cezve. Fill the Turkish coffee cup with milk, leaving some room at the top and add the milk to … ... More

how to run your own ebay business

Your company looks more professional with your own web address on your business cards. You can add a blog, videos, a press page, whatever you want.” You can add a blog, videos, a press page, whatever you want.” ... More

duracell 500 flashlight how to open

Discover great deals for Goal zero flashlight tool and E2d defender ultra dual. Get the top 2019 prices and discounts online Get the top 2019 prices and discounts online Lowest price on flashlight 500 duracell. ... More

how to make a car shaped birthday cake

16/08/2006 · The easiest way is to make/ buy a pound cake - or a loaf shape cake. Cut the back bit off ( whatever size you want the cab) and ice it on top. ... More

how to run a c file in terminal

23/12/2012 This is a mini Tutorial of how to run C programs on your Ubuntu Terminal. As you can see in video there are only 5 steps to do this. 1) Create your .c file e.g. example.c and open it ... More

how to make a wreath out of twigs

To make this woodland wreath, start by wrapping one of the branches around the embroidery hoop, securing it with wire at the back. Continue working around, overlapping the end of the next branch just after the previous one until the entire embroidery hoop is covered and it looks full and fairly even. ... More

how to pay someone via paypal

If you completed payment via eBay checkout, you would have both eBay Money Back Guarantee & Paypal Purchase protection regardless. That said... Log in to your Paypal account, locate the payment transaction, & click on it to reveal the details. ... More

how to make gooey chocolate brownies

16/02/2017 · Preheat the oven to 180 degrees/gas 4. In a small saucepan, half-fill it with boiling water and place on the hob under medium heat. Place the unsalted butter and the chocolate … ... More

how to make buttermilk baking mix

When I need buttermilk for a recipe, I mix up just what I need. Easy. More recently, Ive started using it to make my own mix recipes. Its a key ingredient in my ranching dressing mix , and now its the star of this buttermilk pancake mix. ... More

how to make nose look smaller in photo

Goodbye, big nose (you can test it out Taking portraits from farther away is a technique often used by professional photographers, and it tends to make photos look more, well, professional. A ... More

isomalt jewels how to make

When you pour the isomalt into it don't fill it all the way up to the top edge, just fill to immediately below it so that you don't get an edge on the top of the jewel. Start by taking some of the isomalt that you've cooked and melt it in the microwave. ... More

how to say hurry on korean

Translation Help I feel like I’m always in a hurry (self.Korean) submitted 17 days ago by addigaddi I want to say ‘I feel like I’m always in a hurry.’ ... More

how to move videos to sd card

22/07/2017 · In regard to auto downloading, well it depends on what you are trying to download to the card. If you are talking just downloading music, pictures, etc. (not apps) directly to the card… ... More

how to make rice wine yeast

About a month ago I read a recipe for home-made rice wine and couldnt wait to try it. Not only is rice-wine a relatively easy drink to make, it employs an unusual fermentation method and results in a surprisingly high alcohol/volume ratio ranging from 15% to the mid-high 20s. ... More

how to make flan without evaporated milk

Beat cream cheese in an electric mixer until smooth, then add 2 tbsp evaporated milk and beat until smooth. Beat in eggs, one at a time, to just combine, scraping down sides of bowl ... More

how to play old maid with cards

Old Maid Rules. Old Maid is an old card game thats based completely on luck. It can be played with 2-8 players and a standard deck of 52 cards is used. ... More

how to move to a new city

Moving is a unique experience no matter what people say, but moving to a "new city" is something entirely different. I have moved about 17 times, and most ... More

how to put yourself in a coma at home

So, why not spend a couple of minutes and make friends with the comma – hey, if you take care of the comma, the comma will take care of you. So, in this blog … ... More

how to make hardened clay coloured

Its hard to use more than one color in a building. My favorite combos are birch/bricks, jungle/smooth stone, pine/glass/sandstone, and oak/cobble. My favorite combos are birch/bricks, jungle/smooth stone, pine/glass/sandstone, and oak/cobble. ... More

how to make gravy for shepherds pie

16/10/2012 Watch how to make a quick, beefy shepherd's pie. This all-in-one casserole makes a great weeknight dinner. With lots of seasoned ground beef, ... More

how to make iron man mask from cardboard

The Hero Vision experience also includes a fun Iron Man mask you strap to your face, and you don’t have to use the mask with the AR kit. So one child can run around holding the AR goggles to ... More

how to make scientific figures in photoshop

29/03/2015 OK, well, no problem, your figure is in PowerPoint so you copy the figure and paste it into your bitmap editor (such as Photoshop, or my favourite paint.NET) and re-size it to 600 dpi with the image sizing tool. But now it becomes only two inches wide! So you change the image size to 8 inches but now it looks awful blurred and fuzzy. ... More

how to make yourself look skinny in pictures

Bodytune - Look skinny, make funny faces, tune your photos! Have fun with Bodytune! Take a normal photo and squeeze down any part that looks too big, or enlarge any part that looks too small. ... More

how to prepare guyabano tea

The procedure to make it is: take old soursop leaves and boil with 3 cups of water. Leave until remaining one cup of water, drink 2 times a day for 2 weeks. Leave until remaining one cup of water, drink 2 times a day for 2 weeks. ... More

how to make a fake jail cell

How can i make a jail in the house with the cells and cell doors from get to work. How can i make a jail in the house with the cells and cell doors from get to work. The Sims Forums. White. Sign In · Register. Home › The Sims 4 › The Sims 4 Pack Discussions › Expansion Packs. Categories ... More

how to make your own soy wax candles

Soy candle making Container soy candles are the easiest of all candles to make. Making a soy candle is a process of combing wax with dye and fragrance. ... More

how to make a micro kite

Overview . Micro (or micromanagement in full) is how you control your units. It is all the commands you give to your units: the movements you make with them, the abilities you use, where you position your army, where you attack towards, where you retreat to. ... More

how to make a chicken stew youtube

How to make the stew: Place the chicken in a large stockpot. Add the soup stock, onions, carrots, celery, garlic. Then add one teaspoon of the salt. Cover the chicken and ingredients with enough water. Cover and over medium high heat bring the stew to a boil. When it boils, lower heat to a gentle simmer. Cover and continue cooking till chicken … ... More

how to make a photo file smaller in windows

23/05/2010 In theAttach Files dialog box, select a picture size from the Picture size list, and then click Attach. Windows opens a new e?mail message and attaches your picture to the message using your preferred e?mail program. ... More

how to play penny stocks

In the stock market, money is made daily by people who know how to play the stock market. These are people just like you and I. The truth is that there are various ways to trade. For those people who do not have 6 figure brokerage accounts, penny stock... ... More

how to make an ammeter arduino

The arduino-one has 6 A/D ports. If you place a small values resistor in the series with what you want to measure the current of, then read the value of voltage generated across the resistor with the Arduino then you have made a crude ammeter. ... More

how to open azure dulux light

If you need even more objects in Azure AD, then you need to open a support case to have the limit increased even further. If you need more than 500k objects, then you need a license, such as Office 365, Azure AD Basic, Azure AD Premium, or Enterprise Mobility and Security. ... More

how to put album art on mp3 mac

Assuming Windows because you mentioned Winamp For individual and small numbers of files you can use music taggers like MP3Tag and Jaikoz. These are swiss-army knife tools which allow you to open up and embed cover art, sometimes in batch. ... More

how to make a webpage in microsoft powerpoint

29/11/2013 · How to Make Your Computer Read PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet Web Page Sites ... More

how to put the spark back in your relationship

Recently, I witnessed Dr. Sue Johnson give a monumental lecture about love. In a most modest and unsuspecting way, she gave every attendee something to think about. Through her research, Dr. Johnson has developed a model for the type of relationship we all desire. She calls it an A-R-E relationship ... More

hertz cars sydney how to make a claim

I f your car was damaged in a car accident and you believe that the other driver was at-fault, you may wish to make a claim against them to recover the cost of repairs and other losses. It is important to clearly communicate to the other party the amount you are … ... More

how to make a danboard

Danbo was originally intended to be a fake and funny robot which a human wears a combined set of cardboards, and interacts only when other puts coin into the slot located on its body. Amazon Japan spotted the idea, and used it for marketing, and it was a tremendous success. ... More

how to decline a job offer after signing contract

Changing Your Mind After Accepting a Job Offer Updated by Sachi Barreiro , Attorney, University of San Francisco School of Law Learn whether you can revoke your acceptance of a job offer and how to do it. ... More

piano sheet how to read

Piano/vocal/guitar music is the name given to sheet music arranged for these three instruments. Unless you specifically purchase choir or band music, instrumental music or guitar tablature, youre probably purchasing a piano/vocal guitar sheet. ... More

how to make homemade hard candy

I make caramels and have a hard time with the after taste of the wax paper that we use. Any suggestions? I am thinking of selling the candies because everyone wants me too, but I am still on the fence until I get a consistent recipe. Another note to add for rented kitchen space, in the area I live in we have a local grocer that rents out their kitchen to local artisans for this same purpose ... More

how to make copper oxide needles

How to Make a Copper Oxide Diode: A diode is an electrical device that allows power to travel in only one direction. Diodes can be made of Silicon, Germanium or even copper oxide. Note: The there is only one alligator clip connected to that wire, the other is an illusion. ... More

how to make a case brief

The Appellate Brief Template is a Microsoft Word document that has been formatted as an appellate brief. Add the template to your cart and complete your order securely through PayPal. Once your purchase is complete, return to the site and download your template. ... More

how to run a takeaway

24/04/2011 · But if you can run your takeaway with only one person it cant be that successful my local has 2-3 people on all day if one person was sick or left they would manage until a replacement was hired. User #69035 13502 posts ... More

how to make photo invitations at home

Home; Invitations & Announcements; Birthday Invitations Birthday Invitations Wedding Invitations Party Invitations Save the Date Christmas Cards Baby Shower Invitations Religious Announcements Thank You Cards Envelopes Return Address Labels Pens Moving Announcements Business Invitations A design for every taste. Choose from hundreds of styles to get the birthday party started your way. 10 ... More

how to play the auction house wow

Elvine's Free World of Warcraft - WoW Gold Making Guides & Tips Toggle navigation. Home; Forums I personally keep two of each shirt on the auction house currently. Later down the road when sales start to slow down, Ill probably only make one. Keep in mind you will need to setup crafting and auctioning operations for this group as every server is different. The Legion Pre-Expansion Patch ... More

how to make saltwater aquarium filter

Make sure that if you have a 50-gallon tank you get pumps and filters for 50 gallons and up. More on Saltwater Fish Tanks Triggerfish Aquarium (Picasso, Undulated, Niger) ... More

how to make many instances of a class python

Here’s a neat Python trick you might just find useful one day. Let’s look at how you can dynamically define classes, and create instances of them as required. ... More

how to make a cat happy youtube

A Cat that is tired and exhausted of playing is a happy Cat This will also help your Cat sleep at night (Cats are awake during the night) If your Cat has a habit of waking you up in the middle of the night then check out my article on How to stop a Cat from meowing at night ... More

how to make a dog shirt

Create a DIY Braided T-Shirt Dog Toy This toy is great for playing fetch or tug and its really simple to make. Youll just need a couple of t-shirts and a pair of scissors. ... More

how to make helium balloon rig

21/01/2014 · On one U.S lake, the idea is to use the balloon get the rig way out, and then have the terminal tackle drop to the bottom. To accomplish this, anglers attach balloons to the main line using Life savers candies, which eventually dissolve, freeing the line descend. ... More

how to make jamaican curry powder

Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipes – Jamaican Curry Chicken is hot, rich and hearty with flavor that is terrific. Jamaican Curry Chicken is just one of the favorite dishes of Jamaicans. If you’re currently looking for the real Jamaican-style curry chicken attempt our easy-to-follow recipe. This is healthy chicken recipes. ... More

how to say these in chinese

Polite Chinese Words After this free audio lesson you’ll be able to say "thank you" in Chinese, "excuse me", "sorry", and use other polite Chinese words and phrases with confidence. You’ll also know how to express your appreciation when someone is being helpful to you. ... More

cartoon network battle crashers how to play multiplayer

Six playable characters from Cartoon Network TV shows, a silly plot and four-player cooperative multiplayer... find all of the above in the upcoming Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers, currently ... More

minecraft how to make vindicators friendly

Hold the map in your hand and look at the ground to enlarge it on your screen. Every map has a white dot (your location), a house (the woodland mansion), and a rough sketch of the world. ... More

togetic how to pass on wish

Details of Togetic : base stats, abilities, QR code, Pokedex information, evolution chart, type strengths/weaknesses, how to get, and moves. ... More

how to make good nachos in the oven

Nachos are a great snack for entertaining guests or satisfying munchies. Plus, you can adapt your nachos to whatever you've got in the fridge. Makes enough for one good-sized snack. Plus, you can adapt your nachos to whatever you've got in the fridge. ... More

how to move emails to a folder in outlook 2016

(Moving emails to folders with quick steps tested with Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2016 for Windows) ... More

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how to say merry christmas in french pronunciation

7/12/2007 Best Answer: The correct pronunciation for France in French: France (spelled the same) = Fr-h-awn-se (with the R pronounced as "air-hh" like the H-sound in clearing your throat). as opposed to the English pronunciation = Fr-ant-se For Merry Christmas: Joyeux Noel (soft G sound as the J, G-uoy-yueu No-elle

how to make snow bond flock

Sno-Bond TM Ultra-Bright White Flock 25lb Bag. Fast drying, flame retardant, 25lb bag will cover approximately 4-7 trees 6-8' tall. Flock is activated by water, wet tree down first then apply flock and mist down again after flocking for best results.

how to music play on spawn roblox

How to play music in Roblox (JailBreak) Back . Follow *WORKS 100%!!* Roblox. How to put music in your car? ( Jailbreak). posted by a2k1e2vezl4. Share [ f ] Share this video on Facebook. Lumber_Gaming Detailed YouTube Statistics & Analytics . TOP 5 BEST JAILBREAK GLITCHES! (Roblox) GUEST 666 (A ROBLOX Horror Story)! - Part 1. DO NOT CLICK THERE IS NO GAME. …

how to make a logo using gimp

Using GIMP 2.8. Trying to map an image to a sphere. The idea is to make custom Christmas balls. In addition to map to sphere, I have tried perspective and cage transform, but with limited success. Trying to map an image to a sphere.

how to move a sketch up model into cad

17/09/2010 · Hello wise ones! I'm in a bind. I've got to model a set design for a theatrical performance that is to take place in the Gates Planetarium/IMAX theatre …

how to put downloaded mp3 music on to sd card

Open the covering for the SD card slot, and push in the SD card in order to free it. Pull it out. Pull it out. Insert the SD card into a computer that contains the music files you want to …

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Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 7H5

Scotland: Glasgow SCO, Paisley SCO, Dundee SCO, Glasgow SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 2B5

Wales: Cardiff WAL, Wrexham WAL, Cardiff WAL, Neath WAL, Neath WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 9D9